Water Purification unit for home use

This project was aimed at the development of a Philips water purification and enrichment solution for the russian market
The analysis part, including a detailed ergonomics reportĀ  was done in a team of five people, While the design proposals were produced individually. Beeing a conceptual study, the focus lies on the innovative aspects of use and technics. The product is based on the main pillars of Philips: designed around you, easy to experience and advanced.
In Russia there is a need for a cheap solution providing safe water. Also the traditional way of making tea out of concentrate and hot water is still very common.
The proposed concept is a product-family providing different sized solutions for different sized purses and different needs in different regions. It is extendable by different filter solutions.
To filter out hardness, or for improvement of taste the user can buy easy to install filter-plug-ins. For cost reduction, all the machines consist of the same basic components, that can be mounted in a different hull. by changing the subsystems, different final products can be realized.