Solarbear is a culturally- and technically adaptable solar icemaker designed for countries in development. As the system is meant for small & medium enterprises, the essential system costs are kept as low as possible, while it is relatively easily adjusted to specific needs. Key features of the Solarbear system are:

[1] No need for electricity, offering a decentralized solution.
[2] Technical Adaptability in size and shape.
[3] Cultural Adaptation in materials, production and looks.
[4] High local involvement in production, sales.
[5] Still works while being moved (transportation possible).

The project was based on my and my colleagues graduation projects. In collaboration with Delft University of Technology and funded by the STW. We build a prototype solar adsorption refrigerator and tested it under real conditions. The results where promising, although the design of the ice maker needs some improvements. For the next phase of the development we handed over the management of the project to Enviu, Rotterdam.